The Objective

In 2021, one of the largest data companies in the world partnered with X-Factor to increase its visibility and market reach through diverse community engagements. Their main goal was to increase cultural events to support the mission of its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives and better position the client to engage with customers from underrepresented communities.

The Methodology

The company is hyper-focused in diversity initiatives. Their leadership collaborated with X-Factor to create annual programming covering multiple facets of their impact initiatives. This would create a synergy between the corporate messaging and the community-focused impact.

X-Factor collaborated to create a full, two-year diversity equity and inclusion calendar, consisting of an array of educational programming and events. This in-depth program was quite the undertaking; both X-Factor and the company’s project managers, DEI team and marketing executives worked tirelessly and collectively to come up the best methods of sharing compelling stories that were both corporate strategic and community supportive.

Various methods of outreach consisted of: 1) DEI marketing and messaging, 2) DEI activations and events, 3) social impact blogs and trainings, 4) ERG engagement strategies, 5) support at company annual summit, and 6) various media platforms (i.e., podcast, LinkedIn Live).

The Results

As a result of X-Factor’s two-year diversity partnership with company, they succeeded in accomplishing increased awareness to their brand and diversity efforts. They provided education on diversity, equity and inclusion. Community engagement was built as a result of introducing entrepreneurs to the clients products to diversify their customer base and reach. Finally, this collaboration aided in bridging the data divide in the target community to impact.