The Objective

An award-winning architectural firm brought on X-Factor to host a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) workshop in order to educate their current employees on DEI awareness and sensitivity topics. This personal and professional development training is geared towards promoting a more inclusive, diverse and unified workplace in all company positions and departments, as well as helping a business with the challenges of recruiting, retaining and promoting diverse backgrounds into leadership positions.

The Methodology

X-Factor recommended that Full Staff training be accompanied by an Executive Leadership training. Full Staff and Executive Leadership were split into two groups in order to provide for a more intimate experience for all in attendance.

Both training sessions focused on their objectives to: 1) create a safe space for all staff to grow in DEI awareness and sensitivity, 2) provide them with tools to build rapport within their company, and 3) bridge the gap between cultural groups. In addition to training, X-Factor shared their own personal stories of victory over challenges within their career and personal life.

Each group received training on the following topics:

Full Staff:

  • Best practices
  • Bridging the cultural gap through sensitivity and awareness conversations
  • Helping unrepresented staff find satisfaction with their role
  • Take home action steps

Executive Leadership:

  • Sensitivity to current social issues
  • Awareness of potential and frequent challenges
  • Strategic planning on hiring practices
  • Best anti-racist practices and how to prepare for future problems
  • Conflict resolution
  • Bringing the culture up to speed on best approaches

In addition to the training workshop, X-Factor performed a thorough audit of the firm’s current DEI practices in order to help them improve in their diversity efforts.

The Results

X-Factor’s training workshop enabled the architectural firm to provide its employees with a clearer understanding of DEI, as well as demonstrated its dedication to creating an inclusive and safe workplace for all employees. X-Factor illustrated for the company employees how racial equity has played a role through their lives and helped them understand how we can collectively bridge the cultural gaps within the workplace and personal lives.

As a result of X-Factor’s audit program, the firm also received bias trainings and onsite facilitation of a DEI seminar which focused on awareness, analysis, anti-oppressive learning and inclusion exercises. In addition, the firm received ongoing social media and marketing messaging support for various media outlets, as well as support with regard to recruitment and hiring and philanthropic messaging.

In conclusion, the firm was left with a well-rounded solution to every aspect of diversity awareness and tools for keeping abreast of internal issues.