The Objective

X-Factor was sought out by fifteen companies to partner in hosing a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) leadership training, exclusively for company executives. Their intention was to educate leadership on DEI awareness and sensitivity topics. This personal and professional development training focuses on promoting a more inclusive, diverse, anti-biased and unified workplace as well as providing the best practices of hiring, recruiting, and maintaining an inclusive company culture.

The Methodology

X-Factor would prepare and present a wide variety of diversity awareness topics to executives in a half-day, retreat-style leadership crash course training centered around DEI. Executives were presented with:

  1. bias training,
  2. awareness and sensitivity training,
  3. hiring and recruiting best practices,
  4. strategic planning and projects,
  5. culture and leadership, and
  6. promotion and evaluation strategies of underrepresented employees.

All of which would provide these companies with the tools they require to keep human resources up to par on diversity issues within the hiring process and increasing workplace morale.

The Results

As a result of X-Factor’s exclusive leadership training, fifteen companies left with a higher understanding of DEI, and the bias that is often involved in hiring, promoting and evaluating underrepresented employees. These companies were able to bring this knowledge back to their companies, incorporate it in their practices and promote a more inclusive and equal place to work.