The Objective

A leading multi-brand provider of information technology solutions across the globe, and Fortune 500 company (“the Company”), aligned its values with those of other large, global corporations by providing valuable diversity training for its employees.

X-Factor was brought in by the Company to provide personal and professional development for their current staff, focusing on the employee experience. They brought insight to the questions: “How can employees optimize their experience as a member of the Company team?” and “How can they discover their passions and blend it into their work life for a more well-rounded career?”

The Methodology

X-Factor provided the Company with a multidimensional diversity workshop for its employees. A concerted effort was put forth by X-Factor to diagnose high-priority core challenges within the corporation and address them accordingly.

The workshop set out to re-introduce the Personal Momentum Formula as a concept and provide new ways of applying the content to the Company’s employees that will hold value for both new and experienced members.

A guest speaker was brought in to educate the Company’s employees on the challenges and opportunities of navigating a career in the corporate world as a Black professional, with the intended purpose of supporting their vision to retain Black employees.

The Results

In working together with the Company, X-Factor was able to diagnose and address core issues and challenges within the company, and design programming for: 1) employee engagement, 2) retention of staff, 3) employee well-being and mental health, and 4) promotion & progression of diverse staff.