The Objective

One of the largest providers in multi-family housing on the West Coast sought to improve social and cultural awareness through a personal and professional development Diversity Panel for its employees. The company’s intention was to: 1) inspire its underrepresented staff and allow them to see and feel an inclusive environment, 2) positively echo the messaging from leadership that diversity, equity and inclusion are critical principles within their company culture, and 3) inspire and educate its staff through real-life experiences, subject matter expertise, data and storytelling.

In addition, X-Factor would help the company’s employees, through its anti-racist training, in order to better handle conflict resolution in their work place with other employees from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

The Methodology

Conversations on challenging subjects of human differences is often best delivered with inspirational storytelling. X-Factor worked with company executives to design an engaging, educational and strategic program to train its staff on best practices and biases with regard to cultural differences.

In order for X-Factor to encourage positive mindsets in its attendees, and help them develop new sensitivities that lend to small behavioral developments, the most effective format of delivery would be a safe, anti-oppressive learning environment with a diversity panel. X-Factor would focus on developing the people in order to reach their potential – both in the workplace and their personal lives.

The Results

As a result of X-Factor’s carefully crafted and highly inclusive Diversity Panel, they were able to provide the company’s staff with a stellar speaker line-up and thought-provoking topics, as well as provide action items to leadership staff. The training was imbued with inspiring and motivational stories, giving the staff a desire and the tools to create a more harmonious and inclusive work place.